Who we are

Our key partners have the capability of causing needed vibration, enabling right things happen in your organisation.

Mr Kim Karme


M.Sc. (Econ), B.Sc. (Phil.), CMC

+358 50 411 5458

“Strong reputation in productivity improvement, supply chain management and logistics. He also advises multi-national companies on direct investments and cross border trade.”

Mr Pekka Susi


B.Sc. (Mil.)

+358 40 757 2228

“Mr. Pekka Susi, is a result oriented Sales Executive, multi-talented Senior Business Advisor and Developer and an experienced Board Professional”

Mr Petri Laulajainen


MBA (Fin.)

+358 41 537 9000

Experience of improving profitability and productivity of major companies around the world, from Scandinavia to Australia. He also has extensive experience in strategy development and change management disciplines.

Mr Ara Tähtinen


M.Sc. (Econ), KHT and CPA

+358 40 8601982

“As a financial expert he helps and consults businesses in tackling their financial management challenges, might these be internal profitability, asset-liability, cash flow, taxation matters or merger driven due diligence processes.”

Mr Tom Store


M.Sc. (Econ)

+358 50 561 2020

“Own a blend of sophisticated business process and IT knowledge. Specialist in efficiency improvement, facilitating change and “rebooting” management systems

Mr Herbert Lundström


M.Sc. (Agric.Econ), CLC

+358 50 500 2310

“Business change management expert, familiar with Strategic Implementation and Leadership issues. Professional in IT service delivering companies profound experience in process management and other business-IT integration matters.”

Mr Richard Bergström

Senior Advisor

M.Sc. (Econ)

+358 40 737 3157

“Internationally experienced CEO and change leader. In addition to his CEO positions he has also held positions as Chief Finance Officer, Sales Director & HR Director.”

Mr Sakari Brusila

Senior Advisor

M.Sc. (Agric.Econ)

+358 400 713 886

“Business advisor professional, held many director positions in different disciplines, mainly within the family business of car sales and as a K-Merchant of ironware and agriculture machinery and supplies.”

Roger D. Smith

Senior Advisor


+44 781 140 9982

His expertise covers leadership in business analysis and projects, working with Due Diligence, takeovers, IPO’s and Mergers in sensitive environments.

We follow ISO 20700

Guideline for Management Consultancy Services

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